1. Have a prior family discussion and consent about brain donation. Don’t forget to inform your health care providers and care takers about your decision.
  2. At the time of impending death and/or at death, family members, or caretakers, should call Brain Bank staff  [Telephone No’s: Dr.Anita Mahadevan (24/7) 9900185601(M). Brain Bank Staff: 080-26995786/26563357 (Working hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM). Ambulance service if required contact. Mr. Mohan: 9448430046 (M)] and be prepared to provide the following information and documents:
    1. Donor’s complete name and Photo ID proof of the deceased.
    2. Current location of donor’s body (i.e. hospital/nursing home/home)
    3. Date and time of death (if known) & death circumstances.
    4. Death certificate (original).
    5. Name & relationship, complete mailing address and phone number of legal next-of-kin
    6. Donor’s medical records (if applicable)
    7. Brain donation card if registered
  3. HBTR staff guides the legal next-of-kin/legal representative through the consent process, reviewing the documents. The signed consent form by the legal next-of-kin/legal representative, must be received by HBTR staff in order to proceed with the brain donation. Post-mortem process will take1-1½hrs after reaching NIMHANS mortuary. The hierarchy for those legally authorized to make a donation of the potential donor’s brain after his/her death is as follows:
    1. Legal Spouse
    2. Adult Child
    3. Either Living Parent
    4. Adult Sibling
    5. Adult Grandchild
    6. Grandparent
    7. An adult who exhibited special care and concern for the potential donor
    8. A person who was acting as a guardian of the person of the potential donor at the time of death
    9. Any other person having the authority to dispose of the body

Note: Human brain tissue quality degrades very quickly following death. In order for HBTR to provide the highest quality brain tissue to the research community, donor’s body must reach the centre as early as possible. Utmost care will be taken to make sure there is no disfigurement. Only the donor’s brain will be sent to HBTR, so the donor’s body will be handed back to the family members.

  1. It is essential that the following documents to be collected following post-mortem:
    1. Acknowledgement for Brain donation
    2. Death Certificate (Original)
    3. Copy of informed consent
  2. If you are an eye donor put wet cloth on both eye and contact Lions eye bank: 974055666(M)/22235005. Eyes can be donated at home within 4hrs of death.
  3. Few days after the brain donation, you will receive by post the following documents from Brain Bank:
    1. Thanks giving letter
    2. Certificate of Donation
    3. Final post-mortem report subsequently

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