Do not take your organs to heaven……

…..heaven knows, we need them here.

Important facts

All major religions support organ donation.
Older people can also be good donors as against the popular belief.
Removing the donated organs is like surgical operation.Organ harvesting is done with dignity and repect by a team headed by Doctors, only after written consent of close relatives. 
Removing donated organs does not disfigure the body nor affect the funeral arrangements. 
Organs like Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Heart and Pancreas can only be donated for transplantation, provided death occours in the hospital and heart pumping is maintained artificially in the ICU (after the patient is declared “Brain Dead”).  
Organs for transplantation are useful ONLY when collected within the stipulated time….

  • Eyes – within 6 hours after death.
  • Heart, Lungs, Intestines – within 4-6 hours after death.
  • Liver, Pancreas – within 12-24 hours after death.
  • Kidneys, Skin – within 24-48 hours after death.

organ donation saves lives

“Brain cannot be transplanted, it is useful only for research in Neuroscience.”
Brain can only be removed in the mortuary/morgue but can be donated even if death occurs on road/at home within 6-48 hours.

Motto of Brain Bank

“Helping Humanity by strenghtening the hands that heal by promoting Neuroscience Research”

Why do we need a brain bank?


Providing high quality tissues and tissue fluids with clinical and pathological diagnosis. 


Researchers can focus on study with readily available material.

Baseline refrence

Can provide baseline information for future stem cell research or tisue transplantation.


Providing high quality tissues and tissue fluids with clinical and pathological diagnosis. 

New Avenues

Open up new avenues for diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. 


Understanding genetic disorders of the nervous system.

Pledge to Donate your Brain

Together we can uncover the great mysteries of Brain and Mind

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